All The President’s Men

2020 – what a ride. We’re just a couple of days out from November 3rd, 2020 — election day.

What’s at stake is clear for both parties. Whomever the elected winners might be, they are inheriting no easy tasks. The COVID pandemic has caused a global economic contraction and killed hundreds of thousands. Civil unrest is at an all-time high due to racial injustice. The climate has proven a formidable challenger in ever more frequent and chaotic outbursts. And we are a more divided country than any time in recent history – certainly in my lifetime.

And It will be the duty of the elected officials and in particular, the President’s duty, to address these issues. It is their duty.

And We The People must find unity through the similarities we all share and cherish our differences with trust and respect for each of our own idea of the American Dream.

Now more than ever we must listen.

Now more than ever we must build.

Because without — our nation will fail.

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